Stories and Experiences about Aloe Heels:

Cindy – AZ
 “I just love this new foot cream, it makes summer a lot more comfortable!”
Karen - ID
“This really works.  I’ve been using it for a week and my dry, cracked heels keep looking softer and smoother every day!”
Christine - TX
“I am not embarrassed to let my feet be seen anymore.  I wear my flip flops all the time now!”
Estelle – NV
“I hardly ever wore sandals because of how bad my dry cracked feet looked. Now I’m looking for shoes and sandals that show off my beautiful feet!  Thanks.”
LeAnne – CA
“Aloe Heels foot cream is my best new product discovery this summer.  It’s given me confidence to show off my bare feet.  I love it so much, I’m telling everyone about it.”
Tami – AZ
“How does it do that?”
Lisa – CA
“Don’t know if you’ve heard of Aloe Heels, but my best friend shared it with me a couple of months ago.  It’s really helped my feet look awesome this summer.  I plan on using it year round.”
Rick – CA
“I live in the southwest where the weather can really take a toll on dry skin.  Aloe Heels has become my new “go to” answer for keeping my feet soft.”
Craig - AZ                                                                                                           
“I’ve been complaining about my dry feet for years.  My wife got me to use some of her AloeHeels Cream and I couldn’t believe how fast they improved.  They look better than they have for years!  Can I have you send some to my brother in Atlanta?”
April – FL
Aloe Heels is awesome.  I went shopping with my sister this week for shoes, mostly because I wanted to show off my feet!
Teresa - WA
“My mother-in-law asked to take my Aloe Heels home with her after her visit.  That’s a first!  Send me another tube!” 
(Phone call)
Stacy – UT
“I got to test Aloe Heels before it was available to the public.  I started putting Aloe Heels Cream in small baggies to share with all my sisters and their friends.  I soon had strangers coming to the door asking for some, because they had seen how well it worked.  I’m glad it’s finally available for everyone, so I don’t have to keep filling all those little baggies!”
Vic – CA

“Hey, I finally know what to get my wife for her birthday.  Tell me how to get her some more of this Aloe Heels.” 
(by phone)
Nguyet – VA
“Love it.”

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