The Science of Aloe Heels Moisturizing Cream

Formulated for spas and estheticians, Aloe Heels® Moisturizing Cream is a luxurious, pure white, free-flowing lotion that glides across the skin and is quickly absorbed.  It softens dry feet that often accompany seasonal weather changes and wearing open footwear.

Aloe Heels Cream embodies the newest and most advanced technology in skin care.

Its breakthrough moisturizing activity comes from its proprietary blend of Aloe and six complementary natural botanical oils that synergistically nurture the skin and enhance its natural beauty.

Aloe Heels' unique formulation required a decade of research to develop its powerful moisturizing activity.  It combines the best of nature's oils with a positively-charged matrix that imparts a soft, powder-like lubricity to the skin without any oily after-feel.  The way Aloe Heels' smooth, low-viscosity cream glides effortlessly across the skin must be experienced personally to appreciate its advanced technology.

Aloe Heels' almost imperceptible "Aloe Essence" scent is reminiscent of Aloe's natural fragrance and dissipates almost before application is complete.  All ingredients were chosen for their inherent hypoallergenic properties, while some were purposely avoided... like parabens and formaldehyde.

Ionisoft never test products on animals.

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