Ionisoft / Aloe Heels Commission Plan for Ambassadors


If you like our products, your friends will, too!
Ionisoft, the maker of Aloe Heels Moisturizing Cream, appreciates our customers who purchase our products and tell others about them.  All of our customers who have purchased product and tried it for themselves receive rewards for endorsing and referring other new customers. 
We have two levels of rewards for referred sales.


All of our customers who purchase a product automatically become our Friends and qualify for our rewards program:  
When referred by an Aloe Heels Friend or Ambassador, a New Customer receives $2 off their first purchase, courtesy of the Friend who referred them.
All Friends receive cumulative “Thank you” credits of $1 towards their own future purchases for each new referral’s first purchase.
Friends are not paid commissions.  Their rewards are limited to personal discounts on product purchases.


Aloe Heels Ambassadors champion our products and encourage others to purchase Aloe Heels.  Ambassadors are a step above our Friends program.  Ambassadors earn cash commissions on their referred sales and receive personal discounts on their own purchases of Aloe Heels products.   These cash commissions are paid to Ambassadors on a regular basis.
Our Friends can sign up to become Ambassadors.  It's easy. There are no fees or costs to become an Ambassador.  Ambassadors even get a free web site where their customers can learn about Aloe Heels and purchase product.  We also provide other free online tools for Ambassadors to track their sales and communicate with their customers.  It’s a great way to earn extra money by having your own business.

Ambassador Commissions

Ambassadors leave the Friends group when they move up to Ambassador status.  They receive paid cash commissions.
...automatically receive $2 off all Aloe Heels personal purchases.
...are paid 25% of referred retail sales purchased from the Aloe Heels website. This commission rate for retail sales increases up to 40% for Ambassadors when their total annual referred (Tier 1) sales reach higher levels:
25% for sales up to $1,000;
30% for sales of $1,000 to $5,000;
35% for sales of $5,000 to $10,000;
40% for sales above $10,000. 
(Annual sales totals reset annually.)

Ambassadors can also earn additional Tier 2 commissions.  Tier 2 sales are retail sales to customers of an Ambassador's personally-referred retail customers.  Ambassadors earn 10% Commission for Tier 2 sales to retail customers.  To qualify for Tier 2 comissions, the Ambassador must earn a commission from at least one sale each month to their own Tier 1 customers.

Diagram of Commissions Paid for Retail Sales: 


Ambassadors earn 20% of personally-referred Tier 1 sales to wholesale customers purchased from the Aloe Heels website and can also earn 5% of Tier 2 wholesale sales.   To qualify for Tier 2 comissions, the Ambassador must earn a commission from at least one sale each month to their own Tier 1 customers.

Ambassador Qualifications:

There no fees to become an Ambassador.  However, we expect Ambassadors to be actively engaged in promoting Aloe Heels products.   
Ambassadors are expected to Ambassadors who fail to meet these qualifications, revert to Friend status.  Corporate approval is needed for Friends to return to Ambassador status.

Commissions are not paid to Ambassadors for their own purchases. 
January 1, 2019
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